Will Child-Only Georgia Health Insurance Plans Be Restored?

When the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act became law, it changed the way health care was provided for millions of Americans. The health care reform law made several changes in the health insurance industry, but not all of them were intended.One of the unintended changes in the insurance market involved child-only health care policies. In Georgia and other states, as the Affordable Care Act took hold, insurance companies stopped offering this type of healthcare plan.Child-only Georgia health insurance plans are usually bought by parents who have an employer-provided health plan that does not include dependent coverage, or has dependent coverage they just can’t afford. Sometimes these plans are bought by parents who can’t get health coverage for themselves due to health reasons and still want to provide coverage for their children. And sometimes, these are bought by parents whose income does not qualify for their kids to get coverage under Medicaid or PeachCare.How Did The Affordable Care Act Affect Child-Only Policies?One of the mandates of the act is that no children with pre-existing conditions can be denied health coverage. In response to this mandate, insurance companies in various states, including Georgia, stopped offering new individual plans that only cover children.According to the insurance industry, under this new requirement, parents could postpone getting health care coverage for their children until the kids were sick. The industry said that this would cause a rise in unprofitable health care plans and skyrocketing expenses for the insurance companies to budget.Will Child-Only Georgia Health Insurance Plans Return?An increasing number of states have made a move to address the loss of availability of child-only health care policies, either through legislation or regulation.In Georgia, House Bill 1166 was presented to address this problem. HB 1166 plans to restore these child-only health policies that can be offered by the private Georgia health insurance market.Legislation recently passed the House Insurance Committee that would require Georgia health insurance companies that sell individual health coverage to also offer child-only health care plans during an open enrollment period. The bill would permit insurance companies to impose a surcharge of 50 percent of the premium if a child has been without health coverage for more than 63 days prior to the application for coverage. By doing so, this will motivate parents to keep their children insured and not wait for their child to get sick before getting a Georgia health insurance plan.According to Graham Thompson, executive director of the Georgia Association of Health Plans, the healthcare insurance industry has signed off on the legislation.It was Cindy Zeldin, executive director of Georgians for a Healthy Future, who pushed for the bill. She said that fixing up this unintended consequence of reform is relatively easy. This will help kids get the Georgia health insurance coverage they need since having health coverage is very important. Hospital admission records from 37 different states all showed the dire consequences of not covering children with health insurance. Regardless of the hospital where they were admitted, children without health insurance died 60 percent more often than kids who were covered. The reason for admitting them to the hospital did not alter the outcome, either. Children without health care, like adults, died more often even in the hospital. Zeldin also added, “It’s unfair that some parents are willing to pay for healthcare coverage for their kids, and it’s not available.”The bill just covers one year (2013) since the problem will be taken care of by 2014 when federal health care reform will be totally implemented. By then, the new state-based Georgia health insurance market should be up and running with new Georgia health coverage options.

Make Money from Antique Autos

Your antique cars may look very old and seem to be of no value. But there is a way to make money from them. All they may need are some restoration, and then you can easily sell them to people who like collecting antique autos.The price of any antique item can be higher depending on how you were able to give a new look and life to the classic item. Let me give you some advice on how make your antique autos profitable by restoring and selling them.Restoration1. Look for enough space. The first step for restoring your old autos is looking for enough space to do the job. This will depend on how many antique autos you are going to repair. Furthermore, take into consideration the room needed when dismantling the parts of each auto and building up the auto again.2. Use original parts as much as possible. It is also recommended that original parts should be used so that you can appreciate the value of your car. And then you can easily convince your prospect buyer that your asking price is justified.3. Give your auto a new look through research. If you do not have enough knowledge on the specific auto you are restoring, you can read auto magazines or search the internet to educate yourself on how to enhance the look and performance of your auto. You can also be creative but make sure that your antique autos will have its original look when it first came out in the market.4. Seek the help of a professional. This is recommended if you have exhausted all your knowledge, time, expertise and money when restoring antique autos. There may be situations that seeking a professional help would be better than doing the job yourself.Selling1. Maintain the autos. Once you are done with the restoration process, your autos are now ready to be sold. Since the process may take some time, ensure that your autos are clean and working properly at all times.2. Set the autos market value. Have a detailed list of the autos price just incase a buyer is interested in looking into your list. This will allow you to easily market your autos. Take note of the asking price of each antique autos you are selling.3. Know your autos. It is important that you know the product you are selling. Some buyers are not knowledgeable enough of the autos they are looking for. They may ask questions such as history of the auto, manufacturer, how to maintain the auto or its manual. It is better that you are prepared to answer any question that a buyer may have so you can easily convince them to buy the auto with your asking price.4. Advertise when possible. There are a lot of free classified ads where you can advertise your antique cars. Additionally, you can also post a message about your antique autos on boards regarding automobiles (if you are allowed). Look for free or cheap venues to market your product.Antique autos can be profitable if you properly invest your money, time, knowledge, creativity and patience. Moreover, it will serve as an achievement once you gave life to the old and rusted metals.

South Florida Real Estate – Miami, Miami Beach, Miramar, Pembroke Pines and More

South Florida Real Estate offers a full array of different options to satisfy every taste. South Florida also has a great diversity of homes for sale to fit every lifestyle . From a place to raise a family like Miramar, Pembroke Pines, or Weston Estate Communities, to a young executive looking for the Urban City Living in Miami Lakes,Miami Beach, Hollywood, Aventura, or Fort Lauderdale, to adults looking for a place to retire in Luxury Adult Communities as in Coral Springs, Davie, or Coral Gables, South Florida is the place. Broward FL Real Estate and Miami Dade FL Real Estate are also famous world wide for its amazing golf courses, country clubs, beaches, boating, fishing, dining, and especially nightlife. This Real Estate Agents Website will help you get informed on what the different cities like Miramar, Pembroke Pines, Weston, Miami Lakes, and Hialeah have to offer. This Real Estate Website has extensive city information, consumer links, school information, attractions, hotels, dining, and more, letting you find everything about Real Estate within one easy source.First time home buyer, just looking to sell your home, or even an experienced investor, I can help with all you Residential Real Estate needs or Commercial Real Estate needs. Buying Florida Real Estate or Selling Florida Real Estate is one of the biggest events in a person’s life. Choosing the right REALTORĀ® or Agent to represent your biggest event is also important to ensure your Real Estate transaction will be a good one. I believe that the purchase or sale of Real Estate should be a positive, profitable, and enjoyable experience. I invite you to contact me for all of your Real Estate needs in Broward County Fl and Miami Dade County Fl or other homes for sale in South Florida.Some Great South Florida City:Miramar Florida Real EstateMiramar Florida is the second largest city in Broward County. It spans most of the southern border of the county. Miramar Fl is ideally located for both commerce and recreation it is minutes away from downtown Miami and Ft. Lauderdale with magnificent beaches just minutes away. Miramar is located south of Pembroke Pines, and North of Miami Dade County.Pembroke Pines Florida Real EstatePembroke Pines Florida is located in Southwest Broward County with one of the world’s most favorite playgrounds. Pembroke Pines Fl has the Atlantic Ocean just minutes away and all the sporting venues in the vicinity. Pembroke Pines residents and visitors in the area will find themselves immersed in recreational entertainment all year round. Pembroke Pines Florida is located north of Miramar Fl, and South of Southwest Ranches, Weston, and Cooper City.Miami Florida Real EstateMiami Florida, nicknamed “The Magic City”, is one of the youngest and hippest cities in the US. Although young, Miami Fl has become one the biggest tourist destinations in the country. With its cultural diversity, incredible attractions, recreation, and year round events excitement, Miami makes South Florida an incredible life changing experience and memory.Fort Lauderdale Florida Real EstateGreater Ft. Lauderdale Florida encompasses 23 miles of white sandy beaches stretching along calm, blue Atlantic waters. From baseball to boating to bird watching, Ft. Lauderdale Fl has been refined from what was essentially a beach destination into a vibrant casually sophisticated area. The climate in Ft. Lauderdale Floirda is tropical with an average year-round temperature of 77 degrees and 3,000 hours of sunshine.Miami Beach Fl Real EstateMiami Beach Floridais a fast growing, fashionable and exciting international hot-spot. Film and music stars, art-deco museums, and shopping districts referred to as the “5th Avenue of the South” showcase the decadence and new-world architecture that lures thousands of visitors a year. Miami Beach Fl nightlife concludes an unforgettable vacation day with a diverse array of ethnic food and American cuisine, topped off with jazz cafes and hopping dance clubs.